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The MTRA has been in operation for more than 16 years and is widely recognised as the definitive suppliers of information and guidance to those people building and operating monster trucks. The MTRAE is not an insurance provider.

This single website can provide you with a list of officers, technical inspectors and currently certified monster trucks.

As well as full details of the MTRA rulebook, which contains details of what have become regarded world wide as 'the industry standard' specifications with regard to monster truck construction and use. This includes details on driver training, driver licensing, drug policy, truck construction and details of the annual inspection required for any monster truck to maintain its certified status.

In accordance with the current aims and ambitions of the MTRA to become a truly international organisation, the MTRAE (Europe) which has for the last 9 years represented the MTRA within Europe, has now closed. The MTRA International to give the organisation its full title is looking to actively gain members on a global basis. With monster trucks now being in use in so many countries, this is a vital expansion. The MTRAE has seen its membership dwindle since the end of the EMTRC racing series in 2009, and the remaining truck owner members along with any previous and or new members will receive a warm welcome from the international membership team in the USA home office. Nigel Morris (a director of the MTRAE from day one) said "whilst it might be seen as sad that the MTRAE is gone, it is clear that with the global reach of monster trucks reverting to central control in the USA really is the only way forward". Membership applications can be found at


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